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DSC00266 copy

If you have been in the metro Detroit area in the past week, you know it has been extremely humid and rainy. This not only doubles the size of your hair, but also makes you just want to hide indoors for all of eternity. As I ventured outside for my night off work I couldn’t decide if it was going to down pour or not. Right after these photos were taken, I was definitely happy for my decision of such a fabulous vintage Burberry rain coat.

As my boyfriend and I made our way downtown and I was enjoying swaying my jacket as I walked, I realized something. “Oh my god!” I said smiling to myself. He said, “What?” I just started giggling to myself more. “Have you ever seen Pretty Woman?” He stared at me and just started laughing. The red trench coat, the blue bottoms, the white top, the huge hair, and the mid heel boots had me looking like Julia Roberts. So even though I realized I had a modest hooker rendition on, I was still in love with my rain day style. Check out some similar rain coats below to get the look.

DSC00258 copyDSC00270 copy

DSC00265 copyDSC00261 copy

Get the look by clicking the pictures below:

2374394800_1_1_1image1xxl (3) image1xxl (4)

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