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I am obsessing over this wood watch. I received it from JORD watches and I get so many compliments on it. Such beautiful craftsmanship goes into these watches. The watches are all made of wood sourced from 14 different kinds of trees. These include: Acacia, Bamboo, Ebony, Golden Camphor, Koa, Kasso, Maple, Olive, Purple Heart, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Walnut and Zebrawood. The price ranges from $139 to $295.

The women’s watch that I received is the Fieldcrest Maple. I loved the color of this unique watch. I definitely love lighter tones. The clasp was interesting to figure out at first, but taking it off and putting it on is so easy once you figure it out. Other watches I have had get worn from fastening the belt and the metal detailing gets scratched on basically everything I touch. The wood does not scratch like other metal watches and the wood does not fade like leather-band watches. This is such an amazing watch made from amazing material.

Here is their site and a link to my watch. They are also doing a GIVEAWAY  for $100 off a watch of your choice, but everyone who enters will receive $25 off. Click this link and fill out the form to win! Giveaway ends January 29th at midnight.

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3 thoughts on “JORD Wood Watches and Giveaway

  1. xoJenny says:

    I’ve been seeing wood watches so much more lately and I loveee how they look. They’re so fresh and sleek and the color of the wood, gives it that “gold-esq” neutral color that I personally love because it can go with just about anything. Holy moly I just browsed through their online site, how freaking creative these people are. Theyre so intricate and I love the different colored wood tones, woah. I’m impressed! Great find!

    xo, JJ


  2. nina webb says:

    That watch is gorgeous 😍


  3. WindyStyle says:

    I just love their watches!

    Liked by 1 person

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