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It’s spring and soon to be summer now! I am wanting to redo just about everything in my life: my apartment, my wardrobe and my beauty routine. I have gotten so into beauty lately, it’s  a little insane. I was seriously that person who would stick with one product and use it everyday, same lotion, same face wash, etc. I am introducing so many fun new products into my life and it has put me into this super positive self care mode. Self care is something that I try to do once a weekend. I spend the whole day working on my blog, working out, taking care of my skin and journaling to help keep myself in check. Beauty rituals have become a large part of this and let me explore new products that I normally wouldn’t try.

As you guys may remember, I partnered with Being by Sanctuary this winter and I am still obsessing over the products. I specifically can’t stop using their Salted Caramel & Macadamia Body Lotion. I seriously smell like a sugar cookie after I use this and am starting to run pretty low. Most recently I’ve added two new products by Being by Sanctuary to my collection: the Chilli Mango & Tonka Bean Shower Burst and the Salted Caramel & Macadamia Body Scrub. You all probably know how excited I am for the body scrub because it’s my favorite scent from the collection and gives you a total exfoliation…I’m in! The new shower burst is also a great new addition because it has such a unique smell and is very soothing to put on after the exfoliant. Playing with these products has been so ah-mazing.

The collection is being sold at Ulta Beauty stores and I got to visit a location to shop the collection. Shopping for Being by Sanctuary there was so cool because I got to see the entire collection at the store and be reminded of my favorite scents to shop. Can’t wait to try out some more amazing beauty products to share with you guys.

*This is a sponsored post with Ulta and Being x Sanctuary, all thoughts and opinions are my own


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