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Hi everyone! It has been a while. The past year has been CRAZY. There has been so much going on at work and prioritizing my free time has been a little nuts. I have been focusing on finding my work-life balance and finding a way to save additional time each week is super helpful.

I recently came across an ad for a new subscription service that would send my birth control straight to my apartment without a doctor’s appointment. I personally hate scheduling appointments for birth control renewals because you miss work and the additional office visit fees stack up. It always feels like a waste of my valuable work time. Nurx allows me to receive my presecription without any extra hassle.

The Nurx app gives you a personal consultation by having you fill out a questionnaire to figure out which birth control is right for you. You can even choose whether or not you’d like to skip your periods every month. If you already know which birth control you’d like to use, than you can select that particular brand from the get go. After filling out the questionnaire the app gives you a recommendation from their team of doctors. The app does take insurance so depending on your provider, each pack could be $0, but without insurance it is only $15 per pack. There additionally is a $12 consulting fee, but that’s it.

It’s truly such a convenient app and I’m so happy I found it. The brand recently reached out to me to partner on this post and I was thrilled to work with a brand that I already used.

Nurx also provides additional products besides birth control pills including rings, patches, shots, emergency contraception and other feminine testing kits.

I love Nurx’s dedication to feminine health and I hope you admire it too. If you also hate the struggle of obtaining your prescription, it’s definitely worth a try.

*This post was sponsored by Nurx

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