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DSC00079 copy

The other day I was going through and reorganizing my closet when I came across my old button downs. These button downs hadn’t seen daylight in years. I believe I initially bought them for some sort of job or maybe my mom was shoving her old clothes in my closet again. Either way I came across a treasure. Lately I had been spying on this relaxed button down on I was so excited when I realized this button down could give the same effect as the one I had been crushing on.

I slipped it on, buttoned it up a little bit (keyword a little bit), cuffed the sleeves and Voila a perfect casual look for the mall. Below are some similar Boyfriend Button Downs.

DSC00097 copy

DSC00092 copy

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One thought on “The Boyfriend Button Down

  1. Love button downs, they are a staple in my closet.

    Mimi & Chichi

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