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Monday night was the Council of Fashion Designer of America Awards, where the fashions most loved strutted their stuff on the red carpet. Scroll through the slideshow and decide whether you think the outfit is chic, confusing, or a catastrophe. My opinions are listed below, but I’d love to hear your opinion in the comment box!


Gigi Hadid– I love this gold Michael Kors jumpsuit. A definite win for Gigi.

Natasha Poly-The neckline and the cape like back of this dress is a standout!

Katharine McPhee– This mix of pieces and accessories make me so jealous, such a great combination!

Jenna Lyons– I absolutely adore this chic look such a modern fashion forward ensemble.


Vanessa Hudgens– Vanessa is traditionally known for her free spirited boho style. I love her look,but I am confused why she is going for a Kate Middleton aura. Although the brand is a unique choice, so I give her definite credit for that.

Janelle Monae– Don’t get me wrong this look is very bad @$$, but it is borderline costume-like for me. Does anyone else see a Matador?

Kim Kardashian– I love the dress, but the fur on the shoulders is something I would definitely live without. She looks like a gladiator of some sort to me with the accentuated shoulders.


Diane Kruger-Three Words. Queen of Hearts.

Amanda Seyfried– I sadly have to report that I dislike this dress. I love the designers of Rodarte, but the colors and the sequins just are too much for my liking.

Julianna Margulies– I guess she really wanted to show off that she was in for the new granny panty trend, but really maybe this outfit would have appealed to me more if it was in a bright color.

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