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Ever  since I was in the fifth grade, I’ve made fun of my mom’s mom jeans. The way it accentuated her stomach made me cringe and sometimes we would even make fun of her FUPA (Fat Under P***Y Area). The reality of it was that most women have a natural rim around their stomach. To themselves they see it as a flaw, but when other people see it, it is completely normal. The reason that the rim is there is because you are a woman. Even Barbie has come to terms with a real woman’s body in their new healthy figured Barbies. The natural rim that a woman has, has been once again accepted into popular culture.

I am now obsessed with mom jeans. They make your outfit instantly more stylish. Just take a cue from Kendall Jenner in this Refinery 29 article. Now let there be a fair warning that they can be tricky to wear. The key to these jeans is the fit. You want to make sure that they are of high quality and that they rest near or above your belly button. Also bloated days may not be your favorite days in these jeans. So hit up a thrift shop for some old Levis or check out my recommendations below. Soon you could be rockin’ your new favorite pair of mom jeans.

DSC00685 copy yaDSC00711 copyDSC00749 copyDSC00691 copy yaDSC00724 copy

Click the pictures below to get the look:

image1xxl (17)image1xxl (18)35454768_045_b

2 thoughts on “Not Your Mom’s Mom Jeans

  1. Love your postings. Actually read your texts because I really like what you write!

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    1. Amanda Sutherland says:

      Thank you so much girl!


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