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Summer has finally started for us Michiganders. The weather is getting hotter and our hair is getting bigger. And we still want to have brunch on patios. This look is a perfect fit for a hot day. This is not only because of the limited amount of shirt that I am wearing, but the material I am wearing. The outfit I chose is made from natural fibers. My circle skirt is made of 100% cotton and my shirt is 95% cotton with 5% spandex. These natural fibers will allow your skin to breathe, while something made of 100% polyester will suck the heat and contain it on your skin.

I paired my halter and circle skirt with my favorite pair of espadrille wedges from the Jessica Simpson line. These shoes are perfect for dressing up a summer look. I might also try wearing a printed flat, if you are not one for heels. Bellow I have picked out some similar hot weather looks.

DSC00877 copyDSC00882 copyDSC00868 copyDSC00864 copyDSC00870 copyDSC00894 copyDSC00896 copy

Click the pictures below to get the look:

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image1xxl (21)image1xxl (23)image1xxl (24)image1xxl (25)image1xxl (26)hmprod (7)

One thought on “The Hot Weather Fabric Tip

  1. Beautiful shorts you look so pretty!


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