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ymre-stiekema-bugaboo-2-27jul15-pr_bn_426x639Bugaboo has recently published an ad featuring model Ymre Stekiema running with her daughter. The stroller ad has been extremely controversial online and people are not holding back there opinions on this ad. The models outfit has as much fabric as a swimsuit.

To most conservative individuals this would not be a favorable outfit choice. The mother depicted in the ad is clearly very proud and comfortable in her skin. On the other side of it, would you ever consider going for a run in your swimsuit? I believe that women should wear what makes them feel confident and strong, but this look may be a little too bold for the everyday mother to be sporting. This ad may make some mothers feel ashamed of how motherhood has transformed their bodies as well.

The luxury stroller brand is definitely trying to catch the public’s eye with this ad. There are good points to both sides of the argument, but the ad is definitely stirring up the online world.

In other news, harnesses have been definitely been spotted as a trend. These accessories are being layered on top of clothing in a mainstream way says the article. Mainstream has been a word fashionistas try to avoid , but when an exceptionally risque accessory comes into play mainstream may help keep this look chic and not tragic. To some this could be seen as too much or promiscus, but the pictures above prove that with some chic styling these can definitely work.


Jane Birkin, the famous 1970s actress, has recently told Hermès that she no longer wants the iconic Birkin bag named after her. The famous bag usually runs between five and six figures and is the ultimate status symbol for fashionistas. Jane Birkin is adamant about this because of recent information she learned about the brutality to crocodiles in a leather manufacturer for Hermès in Texas. Videos were released of the Texas slaughter house by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Hermès quickly replied with a statement that those manufacturers from Texas are not owned by the company.  Hermès claims that their company has officials that inspect their manufacturers for brutality such as this and the actions will be rectified accordingly. In other words someone is getting in trouble.

In recent news today, it has been made aware that PETA has bought a share from Hermès. This will allow them to sit in on board meetings and help to reach the organizations goal of abolishing the bags from even being made of crocodile skin.

Jane Birkin may have some issues if she really wants to go through with stripping her name away from the bag. Jane does not have her name trademarked for leather goods, but Hermès does, says Hannah Marriot in this guardian article. Designers have been known to name bags after certain celebrities especially in the late 1970s. Celebrities have to be conscious of trademarking their names in all areas to avoid conflict.


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