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My new shades may seem familiar to you, they are aviator cat shades. This hybrid has been sported by Prada and I just needed a look a like pair. The perfect shades can transform your outfit from waeh to wow. This pair is especially flattering to my heart shaped face. It blends the broader forehead of a heart shaped face and balances my narrow chin for perfect proportions. Not to mention oversize frames are always an it factor for heat shaped faces. If cat eyes aren’t for you though aviators are the best bet for heart shapes.

If you have an oval shaped face you are one of those lucky individuals who can basically pull off any kind of shades you would like. For square faces you want to look for round shades, this will soften the harsh angles of your almost equal jawline and forehead width. If you have a round face you may want a more square frame to make your face look slimmer.

The rest of my outfit features a peasant top with a flare sleeve which adds volume to the outfit. The army green skirt features a studded look that has the same flow-y aesthetic as the shirt. And of course my favorite loafers to finish the look.

DSC00914 copyDSC00931 copyDSC00954 copyDSC00904 copy

Click the pictures to get the look:

hmprod (2)35814821_020_bhmprod (3)image1xxl (4)image1xxl (3)31117.0.zoom

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Shades for Your Face Shape

  1. This is great! I often have a hard time finding the right frames that fit my face – this post is super helpful!

    Jenn |

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute shades!! Where did you get them?


    1. Amanda Sutherland says: last I checked they were sold out, but they may be back in stock!


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