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I finally did it, I bought athleisure. I didn’t necessarily ever plan on buying athleisure. I never saw the point. If I’m going to the gym, you’ll see me in a sorority T-shirt and leggings. Athleisure just seemed so pointless. Why waste your money on workout clothes, when you could be buying a new fashion item that defines you. Now I’m not saying you will see me roaming around town in my athleisure, but if I do make a trip to Meijer after the gym it could be likely.

So why did I break? Victoria’s Secret recently launched their new sport line and offered a deal I couldn’t refuse. I recieved a pair of workout leggings and sport bra for only $34.50. That’s why. Thirty four-fifty! It was buy a sports bra and get a workout legging for free! I hadn’t bought a new sports bra in a while and I figured, if I was ever going to give in, this would be it. I still am in disapproval for wearing athleisure in your everyday wear, but my ass looks damn fine at the gym now.

I stuck to some neutral colors: a light marled gray legging and a dark marled gray sport bra. This on trend color-texture will give me functional work-out clothes that won’t fade out of style too quickly. The clothes do have me excited to work out, but may not be worth it if you do not work-out 2 or more times a week. Overall I am excited about my purchase and the deal is going on until January 20th. So head over to the Victoria’s Secret Website or nearest store for your steal. More fun prints are available.

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