Layer Your Summer Pieces for the Fall


This look is all about what’s underneath the statement pieces. The casual dress that I am wearing was actually in the back of my mother’s closet. Picture one of those long 90’s teacher dresses that all the way to the floor. That is exactly what I was working with. I cut and hemmed the dress and now it is one of my favorite pieces to wear.

For fall I layered a rib turtleneck underneath and paired it with my new fun shoes from Ippo. These CiCada HotSoles are perfect with the classic ankle strap and faux fur detail. They give your outfit that extra oomph for when you’re feeling pretty bold. I layered a pair of my everyday socks underneath to contrast the heels and add some needed warmth to the outfit.

This week Ippo’s shoes are only $10 for the week of Black Friday. You need to get in on these deal. These fun heels and any other pair on their website will be yours for ten dollars!

Scroll down to get the look.

Photos by: Dustin Abrego


Click the pictures to get the look:




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