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So last weekend I headed to San Francisco for my very first time. It was such a beautiful place and extremely hill-y as expected. I got to hang out with my aunt, uncle and cousins all weekend and explore the city. Before I went I tried to find an article similar to the one I am writing now, but did not have the best luck. So I made this blog post for any fashion girls heading to San Francisco. 🙂

I took the ferry into the city on Saturday morning. The bay was the most beautiful sight. Mountains with gorgeous houses piled all the way to the top, truly a sight you must-see for yourself.

My first must-see place that I stopped at was Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. It is known for its top of the line baked goods and its instagrammable allure. I had a matcha dipped croissant and thought I died and went to heaven.

My second must-see was The Painted Ladies. This is an amazing spot to relax at. The view of The Painted Ladies and the entire skyline is really an ideal place to enjoy the city.

My third must-see would have to be the trolley rides. They are so iconic and are a staple to the city. You can hop on one especially closer to the ferries where there are a lot of tourist attractions.

A few other things I enjoyed was walking down the pier, peaking into different art galleries and stopping by the local In-N-Out. If you’re looking for a few other activities, next time I want to go to The Palace Hotel for tea. Such a gorgeous looking venue, I would definitely put it on your list. Also I wanted to go to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art  and bike the Golden Gate Bridge (Uber-ing over it was good enough for me this time). I highly recommend all of these activities during your visit. I had such an awesome time and hope you do too! Scroll down for my outfit details.

Sammy Dress Top / BDG Jeans / ASOS Boots / Pink Haley Handbag / Kestan Necklace/ Kapten and Son Sunglasses

9 thoughts on “A Fashion Girl’s Guide To San Francisco

  1. Awesome photos! I love how it has that tinge of pink. I love San Francisco, hate the walking up part.

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  2. Great suggestions!!!! 🙂 xò xò

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  3. I need to go to these places. I live in SF for 10 years (5 years in college so out of town), but I don’t like going out so never been to these places XD

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    1. You need to girl! Get on it lol

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  4. xoJenny says:

    Oh my gosh this post gives me all the feels because I was just there too!!!! The Painted Ladies was a cute little spot I loved the little grassy area to lay out and relax! How about those city views over the Painted Ladies though, that was incredible wasn’t it!?

    xo, JJ

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    1. It was insanely beautiful, totally agree! So funny you were just there!

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  5. steodosic says:

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  6. I would love to go to San Francisco one day! This post was so fun and I love your outfit for the day. Thanks for sharing xx


    1. Yeah no problem! Be sure to look this up when you do!

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