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This was my first NYFW in the fall. I have to say that the street style was way better than NYFW in the winter. I, of course, had my hands full working the shows and attended some events here and there. I have to say it doesn’t get old. It was so much fun being able to see all my new friends that I’ve made this year at the shows and events. I wore this gorgeous Parker NY dress to the shows I worked and I can’t get enough of it. I’m a sucker for neck ties. I paired it with my gorgeous new Brahmin bag and a furry-pointed-sling-back flat and was good-to-go.

Glad the chaos is over for now, but excited for the next season to come!


Parker New York Dress / Who What Wear x Target Flats (only $32!) / Brahmin Bag





Fall is nearing and this means gearing up your jean wardrobe. There were a few styles I needed to update my wardrobe with this season, whether that’d be by replacing old pairs that I wore out or gaining new cuts that I was dying to try. I recently found this site Century 21 stores where you can find tons of designer brands for cheap. I just snagged two pairs of Levi’s for $60. I was super happy with my purchase. Otherwise some other great places I love to shop for jeans are ASOS  and Urban Outfitters. Here are a few styles I think you should definitely invest in this fall and as always shop my look below.


People Of Leisure Top / Levi’s Jeans / Who What Wear x Target Shoes


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High-waisted Mom Jean:

High-waisted Skinny:

High-waisted Straight Leg:


Making your maxi chic is a great challenge for anyone. A maxi comes off as laid back, flowy and beachy. In order to polish the look you need to accessorize well.

I paired this gorgeous maxi with a pointed slide. Wearing this shoe takes the look into a completely different direction. A flat sandal says beach-party ready, but a pointed slide says city chic. I also made sure to wear some elegant jewelry pieces to dress it up even more. The maxi in itself is such a unique piece. The elegant halter neckline and the deep slits create a beautiful silhouette.

This maxi is from People of Leisure. I absolutely adore their clothes and their aesthetic. The dress is so soft and beautifully distressed. I’d definitely recommend checking them out.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from People of Leisure:

Open Shoulder Top / Yoga Bell Bottoms / Moonlight Long Halter Dress






This will probably be one of my most personal posts to date, but I’m excited to share it with you all. I flew into Traverse City, Michigan, which was an experience. The airport was so small I walked on to the runway to get off the plane. Although it was strange, I loved it because it felt like I was getting off a private jet.

We spent most of the trip boating in the day and living at the famous micro-brewery in town, Short’s. My family and I have been going to Short’s since I was a little kid and we get excited for it every year. I absolutely loved getting to hang out with my family and spending some time with my little from my sorority. Most importantly I got to meet my niece. She is two months old and it is my first time being an Aunt. Unfortunately I had a sinus infection in the beginning of the trip so I had to wait to hold her until the end.  After Up North, I went to my hometown for a few days and caught up with friends and family. It was awesome to get that little fix of home.

The trip really made me realize how well New York is working out for me. I love visiting everyone, but I am so excited about the new special people I have met in NYC too. The trip made me feel really blessed and I can’t wait for my new niece to be bigger and bigger each time I visit.


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Wolf and Whistle Swimsuit / Thread and Supply Beach Cover- Up / Eugenia Kim Hat (On Sale!) / Levi’s Shorts


The one thing I google every season is this exact title, “Fall 2017 Nail Polish Trends”, changing the season each time. I love having an on-trend nail polish color. The only thing is that now-a-days when I google this, it is some ungodly-challenging feat. I just want the simplistic popular colors and I get two-tone trends that I do not have the talent for. So here in its most basic form are the popular nail colors for Fall 2017. Get to painting!


BURNT ORANGE                             GREY-PURPLE                                          CHROME


NEUTRAL                                         FADED GREENS AND BLUES




I’m rocking one of my favorite trends right now at the Cha Cha Matcha in Nomad. I had to have this red purse. I tend to wear pretty muted colors and I was looking for a way to add some contrast to my wardrobe. Since I wear a lot of white and blue, red seemed to be the perfect trick for the pop I needed. Along with red bags, I am obsessing over white shoes. The white shoe look is so sleek and hopefully when my pair gets here I won’t automatically get them dirty. I am loving stripes right now too. I want to mix all the stripes: bold stripes, subtle stripes, multi-color stripes, you name it. Check out a few of my suggestions below by clicking the picture to get the look. Happy Shopping!

White Shoes




Red Crossbody



There are many things I love to do in NYC, but if I were here for just a weekend this is what I’d do.

1. I would check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is the most gorgeous museum I have ever been to. Every room is more beautiful than the next, not to mention the most amazing fashion exhibit. Be sure to head to the rooftop for a phenomenal view and a charming glass of rosé.

2. Head to Smorgasburg. I love a trendy food spot, but a whole array of trendy food spots right next to the river, make it the best option.

3. Get wine and macarons at Laduree in Soho. This is the most adorable garden patio. The atmosphere is to die for and so is the dessert!

4. Go to the Standard Biergarten. This is just an awesome lively spot where you can meet people from all over. They have a few table games and the most delicious beer and brats. Don’t forget to grab a pretzel bigger than your head as well!

5. Black Tap NYC. An iconic milkshake like this needs to be tried by everyone. If you’re coming to the city make sure to grab one of these mile-high creations.

6. Times Square. This just has to happen. You have to go at night so you feel like a little bug in the middle of a huge advertisement. It is fun to see every time.

7. Bars at night:  Fat Cat for all sorts of bar games, No Fun for a lively place with a bit of dancing, Nurse Bettie for a funny burlesque show and The Flower Shop for some fashion and 1970’s vibes.



Thread and Supply Dress / Thread and Supply Jacket / Thursday Boots


Photos by the amazing  William Cudd


Living in a city where you generally only use your apartment to sleep can only lead to strategic purse packing. There are a few things that I never leave my apartment without and I wanted to let you guys in on what I haul around everyday.

Item #1: An umbrella. If the forecast has the slightest chance of rain you bet I’m packing this necessity.

Item #2: Your go-to lipstick. You never know when your friend is going to text you last minute to meet up for dinner or drinks. This will dress you up in a second and you won’t feel like you look like garbage after a long day of work.

Item #3: A great concealer. Surprise! Your stress at work has caught up to you during the day and your skin is showing it. The alternate cause is the deathly NYC humidity that has melted away your perfectly placed makeup. Either way don’t go the whole day feeling self conscious about your skin, always have back up.

Item #4: Mints. A no-brainer, but necessary. You got in late last night and didn’t have time to make food for work the next day. You buy food, but you didn’t realize the pad thai you just bought was heavy on the onions.  This is where your emergency mints come in handy.

Item #5: Body Spray. Those travel mists that your grandma gave you for Christmas, most likely because they were a gift with purchase? These are perfect to carry around with you in case of any 10 minute waits in the infamous oven also known as the subway.


This on-the-go look is ready for anything: the heat, the wind that lifts up your skirt and the bag that carries it all. Shop it below!

Shop the look:

Zaful Jumpsuit / Fossil Bag / London Rebel Slides / Quay Sunglasses


Tired of all the off-the-shoulder tops you’ve collected in the past two years? Looking for a way to spice them up since your closet is filled now? I have the perfect hack to change things up a bit.

Take your favorite summer tank dress and layer on top of your favorite OTS. It can really change your life and give you way more outfit combinations than you originally had. I love the peek-a -boo shoulder it gives you too, it’s such a nice added touch.

I just got this dramatic OTS from Sammy Dress and I am obsessed. Every move you make is also dramatic and fun.

Shop the look:

Off The Shoulder Top / Jean Tank Dress / Furla Purse / Asos Boots

Having a great time at the beach comes with some rules to optimize your fun. You need all the essentials and all the know-how to keep your beach day perfect.

Rule #1  Apply sunscreen every time you go in the water, not just after the first time…every single time. I know I’m pale, but my tan friends were aching too after not following this rule.

Rule #2  Always bring a water bottle to the beach. Whether you’re building a sandcastle,  have become completely parched or don’t want anyone seeing you drink your favorite beach cocktail, it is a necessity.

Rule #3 Do not decide the water is too cold until you get past your lady (man) parts. The ocean is cold, but getting past that crucial point is when you can really decide if you can do it or not. (Would not have had such an amazing game of frisbee in the ocean if it wasn’t for this rule.)

Rule #4 Stay away from rocks. I’m not saying this because they’re dangerous. I’m saying this because that is where trash collects. Avoid this area at all costs.

Rule #5 Bring the heat at the beach. That means towels, snacks, cards, sandcastle building supplies, kites, frisbees, volleyballs, speakers, those unnecessary chairs with roofs on them, etc. Whatever it may be, bring all the things and enjoy.

Rule #6 Bring cash for your mandatory ice cream at the end of the day. Your sweet tooth will thank me later.


I absolutely loved this one piece swimsuit from Zaful. It was a little cheeky because of my long torso, but it looked amazing. I also don’t think I would have survived without a beautiful and strong beach bag. All of the items that you need to bring to the beach can be accommodated by this bag (minus the chairs from Rule #5 haha). Get the look details below.

Shop My Look:

Zaful Swimsuit /Vera Bradley Bag / Levi’s Shorts / Similar Cover-Up / Quay x Desi Perkins Sunglasses


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