sass of style

For the bold and expressive girl.

This is not a book for the light-hearted. I found this book in a random list I online about must read fashion books. Although this book has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, it is more about the strength of your mentality. The authors of the book go under the pseudonym of “The Betches”.  This book at times made me feel very juvenile while reading it, but the bluntness is uncanning. Nice Is Just A Place in France makes you completely aware of how some people perceive you and gives you an idea of how you would like to be perceived as.

The book goes in depth about the types of friends you encounter in life to work place relationships to dealing with guys. I do warn that it seems like it is written for a freshman entering college, but it does give you a great perspective on how some people think.

I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.

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