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11193436_10153240495077866_5825466961137999164_nThe Mounted Exhibition featuring Sala Walla’s collection and various 2D and 3D outfits and illustrations.

A month ago, I was preparing for the Threads student fashion show at Central Michigan University. Now this is not a post about how the show is all rainbows and butterflies. This is more of a behind the scenes review of the work and dedication that goes into a fashion show.

The Threads production class is divided into several committees that make sure the show is a success. I was placed on the Fundraising and Events committee which probably coincidentally occurred because of my accounting background. The committee mainly dealt with raising money and finding sponsors to support our show.  I was satisfied though because I was able  to organize and run events with my committee.

Our committee in particular had a lot of ground to cover. We had to plan different fundraising events, book bands for those events, and reached out to almost every business in Mount Pleasant, MI for sponsorship. Our fundraising events included a Tropical Smoothie Fundraiser, A Dreamer’s Coffee House Fundraiser, A Hunter’s Ale House Fundraiser with live local bands, a Panera Fundraiser, and an O’Kellys / Riff Raff Concert Fundraiser. Our committee not only planned and ran these events, but we filled ad spaces and collected money from all of our local sponsors.

The weekend of the show we were all required to be there for the entire day of run-throughs. I was assigned as a dresser for the models. I made sure that all the models that I was assigned to were properly dressed and that their garments kept from malfunctioning the day of the show. Little tweaks were made here and there. Double sided tape  definitely became a bestie of mine now.

Aside from changing the models between looks, our committee made sure that the food for the day was setup for the models and the production class. Some of our other duties included handing out fliers on campus when we had down time.

The day of the show consisted of the same tasks as the day before. Our team even handed out fliers at the Spring  Tailgate on campus and the Relay for Life event that day as well. The highlight of the afternoon was when we found out our JCPenney hairstylists for the models would also do the production classes hair. At this point everyone in our class was so grateful for the pick me up.

By the time the show started, it was a piece of cake. We had run through the show so many times it was like a walk in the park. The most exciting part was hearing the awards as a designer’s collection went down the runway. The collection that I dressed by Sydney  Newsome received second best in show. She is only a Freshman and her collection was very impressive.

At the end of the day it was a beautiful show that took long hours to plan and execute. There are definitely things we could have done better. But that is what next year is for.


The production class before the show with our hair freshly styled by JCPenney.


Three of our lovely models showing off the student made designs.


Our models walking the final parade of the show.


One of the best in show collections designed by Zach Stoner.

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