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Finding the perfect summer hat is a tough decision. Or maybe hats have never been your thing. Recently I have become very conscious of when I am wearing a hat and not wearing a hat in the sun. My scalp burns easily, especially with my light hair. I didn’t even notice it for a while until I saw a sun spot accumulating on my head last summer.

Now when I am out in the sun I like to have a hat on to protect my scalp and not have to ruin my hair by putting sunscreen in it. Whether you are grilling outside or having a car wash with your boyfriend a hat is a fashionista necessity. Here are a couple hats to try out that are similar to my own that can add an extra touch of style to your outfit.

 photo bcf08616-dd71-431c-bc5d-34684861e6dc_zpsqcuhx8go.jpg photo 6722fb5e-ed04-4bfe-b8bc-ef1da6bd9a3c_zpsavlcy82z.jpg photo 0c76c669-3a53-48c7-a443-9589c93b2807_zps95c4swi1.jpg

 photo e15f3c48-5599-4b60-8089-45fc95fe04f1_zpscmzfpcdf.jpg





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