Is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris Because of Crime?

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is in Paris, France this year. Such a great selection for the multi-billion dollar company. From the stereotypical Audrey Hepburn lines of, “Paris is always a good idea,” to the sight of all of the Victoria’s Secret Angels posing in front of the Eiffel Tower on Snapchat, Instagram and the web, this could not be a more perfect match.

There is something peculiar about this selection though. As I was listening to my favorite podcast about the recent Paris heists, Pop Fashion, I began to think about how the Victoria’s Secret Show may be actually helping Paris out by holding the show there. With the recent ISIS bombings and high-profile thefts from stars like Kim Kardashian, Bollywood actress Malika Sherawat and recently $5.3 million in jewelry from two Qatari sisters last week, it looks like Paris is in need of some tourism help.

In the New York Times, the chief marketing officer of creative services and executive producer of the show, Edward Razek, said that the show was an investment of over $20 million. This could be deceiving though because usually the company does not disclose how much that they spend on the event. I feel as thought there is definitely a lot of discounted prices or help financially from the Paris Tourist Office because of the recent crime in the city.

This is my theory of the situation. Let me know what you think in the comments. Also don’t forget to tune into the shown this Monday, December 5th at 10 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Should be the best one yet.

Dream Experience with Dr. Lancer in Beverly Hills


Photos by: Dustin Abrego

I entered an Instagram contest to win the experience of a life time. The grand prize was to receive a consultation from none other than celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Lancer.  Dr. Lancer treats celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Ellen DeGeneres. The prize entailed airfare, hotel stay, consultation, a power peel, Lancer Skincare products and spending money all for two people.





My boyfriend and I flew into LAX and headed to the Carlyle Inn in Beverly Hills, CA. The hotel was gorgeous and super Instagram-able. The first night we headed straight to SUR Restaurant because I am a big Lisa Vanderpump fan. The restaurant was just as I had imagined gorgeous and delicious.




The next day we enjoyed our complimentary breakfast. Afterwards we headed straight to Dr. Lancer’s office. Dr. Lancer’s consultation was amazing. He broke down our heritage and learned the behavior of our skin which led to his product recommendation and routines for us individually. After we met with Dr. Lancer we received our power peels. The power peel uses a vacuum to shoot tiny crystals onto your skin, this removes a layer of outer skin. After that we were polished of and had a moist towel laid on us. We were then exposed to liquid nitrogen to freeze skin lesions.

Our skin looked and felt amazing afterward. My boyfriend even received a compliment at work the next day about his skin. We recently received our Dr. Lancer products and can’t wait to see the results.





Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

After our consultation we roamed around Rodeo Drive, ate at Sugarfish (amazing sushi!), grabbed a pastry at Urth Caffe and then headed to the beach. I had never been to California before and this was really the way to do it. I’d like to thank Dr. Lancer and his wonderful team for creating not just a prize, but an experience.




NYFW FW16 Review


This fashion week was full of rain and snow in New York City. A few designers chose not to participate this season due to the exhaustion of doing six shows a year. Others stuck it out and continued to make elaborate shows like Tommy Hilfiger and his rendition of a Titantic-like cruise liner. The 70s’ still continued to be a trend in the Calvin Klein suede suits and Michael Kor’s fringe pants. The re-resurgence of the 90’s was also very apparent in DKNY and Fenty Rihanna X Puma grunge looks. Let’s not forget the goth magic of Marc Jacobs last night. This season metallics were all over the runway from Diane von Furstenberg to Opening Ceremony. Below I have featured some of my favorite shows from this week and what I think they are doing right. Feel free to comment your favorite shows of the week.


I have to start with my favorite designer of course. Rodarte continues to impress me. Their look is always romantic and on the verge of grunge. I love the textures that they use. From leather to lace to fur they really know how to make a cohesive look. Check out the shoes on these girls. They are so intricate and detailed. That fur coat is also to die for. All I have to say is “Bravo!”


Rosie Assoulin amazed with her voluminous ensembles ranging from dresses to pants to jumpsuits. The bold color and draping of the clothing was gorgeous. The construction and silhouette creativity was very apparent in her presentation. The whole presentation had a very colorful “Frida” vibe.


Jonathan Simkhai absolutely blew me away. He was the winner of the Vogue Fashion Fund in November and really proved himself this fashion week. Three words: lace, fringe, and fur. I guess you can say I’m a sucker for texture. The lace patterns that Simkhai used were so intricate which were then mixed with fur or fringe in most cases. The textured pieces were amazing to look at. Clearly I was drawn to his white ensembles.  Two major thumbs up.


Delpozo is also one of my favorites continually. The vibrant colors and the structured pieces are beautiful. They are feminine and bright with intricate appliques. Of course my favorites were all the layered jumpsuits and pant suits. If I could compare their collection to a food, it would be a macaroon: refined, delicious, and vibrant. It is mesmerizing to watch.


History of New York Fashion Week and the Upcoming Changes


Jason Wu Spring 2014 collection. Picture:

For my consumer behavior class, we had to write about a ritual that has evolved over the years. So clearly I chose the evolution of New York Fashion Week. On top of the history, I came across some changes that the Council of Fashion Designers of America has been discussing.

The modern concept of fashion was originally invented in France in the 1700’s. This was the era under the ruling of King Louis XIV, who ruled from 1643 until his death in 1715. The modern concept of fashion is described as the reinvention and changing of apparel style. This concept led to the first “haute couture” or high fashion house in Paris in 1858 named, House of Worth. The top designers of the time would hold “fashion parades” in store for their most prized clients. The models would lineup to show off the pieces the designer produced.


First American fashion show in 1903 by the Ehrich brothers.  Picture:

Flash forward to 1903, it was speculated that the first American fashion show was held by the specialty store Ehrich Brothers. This led to the acceptance and mainstream fashion shows in the 1920s. The shows in the 1920s were all separate and were held at either hotels or department stores.


Eleanor Lambert creator of “Press Week.” Picture:

This pattern of fashion shows remained the same until 1943. The super fashion publicist, Eleanor Lambert stepped into the picture. Lambert organized a week to have all of the collections be presented at once. She called it, “Press Week” or “Fashion Press Week.” All of this history is according to an article by

According to another article by the shows were presented in various lofts and studios across New York City. It was difficult for editors and the press to get from show to show. Some of the venues selected were also unfit. During one of the Marc Jacobs shows a piece of the ceiling fell and hit some of the attendees. This is when a more uniform show really began to be put in the works.


Bryant Park tents for NYFW. Picture:

The shows were scheduled throughout the week, but were not in the same locations. In 1993 is when Fern Mallis, Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, stepped in. At this time the shows were called “7th on sixth” because of the management company that supported the shows. The shows were now all located in Bryant Park in large tents that attracted much attention according to

In 2001, the shows were sold to IMG. Then in 2004 Olympus became the title sponsor and named the shows Olympus Fashion Week. Following Olympus, Mercedes-Benz became the title sponsor in 2007 for, “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.” Now the IMG shows are known as “New York Fashion Week.” This only includes one third of the shows in NYFW produced by IMG with other independent producers throughout the week according to

By 2010, the tents could not accommodate the size of the event. The 2010 shows would be shown at the Lincoln Center in New York City. After four successful years at the Lincoln Center, a lawsuit about an invasion in a nearby park drove NYFW out of the venue according to

The shows were once again scattered across New York City for the Fall 2015 shows. Now the shows have really seemed to switch their focus. According to they originally were for major buyers and editors, but now the event has shifted towards a more consumer driven experience. The shows now live stream online so that there is more access to the consumer. Fashion insiders are not very happy about this and argue whether it has shifted from a trade show to a marketing tool according to


Kate Bosworth along with fashion editors at the Spring 2013 shows. Picture:

NYFW has created ritualistic behaviors for consumers. For the selective individuals invited to the event from all over the world and the consumers who are at home watching live stream. The events have roughly 232,000 attendants in total. It is estimated that the economic impact in total to NYC is $900 million and visitor spending about $547 million. This impact exceeds that of the New York Marathon ($340 million), the 2014 Super bowl ($500 million), and the entire U.S. open ($700 million) according to the

The attendants are spending money to see these shows. The shows are marketed and live streamed and are an important part of the fashion industry. Because of the events exclusivity, consumers are dying to get in. For this specific event consumers are ranging from the editors, bloggers, buyers, press, and important clientele that are being invited. To be invited an individual must be in contact with the public relations teams or already have previous relationships with the designer according to For consumers in attendance there is also the factor of purchasing outfits for fashion week. Some consumers in attendance see it as an opportunity to be a street style star and will spend money on new wardrobes for the week.

The consumers are all brought to New York City to see the shows, but New York is a glamorous trip for most consumers. They want to eat at the finest restaurants, shop at extravagant places like Bergdorf’s, and attend the fashionable after parties. The consumer is thrusted into a week of extravagance and feels the need to spend extravagantly as well.


The Vogue Runway Retreat at NYFW. Picture:

According to the week has pulled in sponsors that are not even related to fashion. The event has sponsors handing out and marketing ice cream samples, electronics, and even plumbing. Kohler had set up high end bathroom facilities outside the show in the Vogue Runway Retreat to target the consumer attendees. The retreat is used to refuel attendees and refresh them with sample product. Many products such as Vera Bradley are even displayed in the retreat according to The shows have become a way for marketers to reach consumers.


Attendees dance at the Marc Jacobs after party of the the Spring 2016 collection. Picture:

I believe this ritual like many have become a marketing ploy. The exclusivity of the event has consumers wanting more. The entire week creates such an economic impact just as many holidays do. The evolution of New York Fashion Week shows how a simplistic ritual such as a designer presenting their clothes to a client can become somewhat of a circus. There are so many elements that go into the shows from photographers to public relation coordinators to gift bags to after parties to live entertainment to extravagant venues and stage setups. The list goes on and on.

New York Fashion Week has become more and more about the consumers and the glamour. The extravagance of the individual shows are geared towards the media and the public attention, rather than the original purpose of selling merchandise.


The CFDA members. Picture:

In recent news, a new article by discusses the realization of change for New York Fashion Week. The article expresses how social media has really changed the game. The instant fashion that is broadcasted from the shows is a common occurrence. The CFDA realizes NYFW has become more consumer driven and they want to embrace it. There is talk of showing the fall shows actually in fall and the spring shows actually in spring. This will appeal to the consumers who are ready to purchase the trends in that particular season.

Whatever happens, it truly is a pivotal point in the fashion world. I’m sure the CFDA will find the perfect strategy to bring even more success to NYFW.


New York Fashion Week Highlights

new_york_city_madness_wallpaper_hd-wide-copyPhoto from

New York Fashion Week was an extraordinarily chaotic week. With all of the shows, parties and presentations, there were over 1,200 events in New York over the week as stated by the American Fashion Podcast. The shows featured a lot of romanticism and Spanish inspiration as described by Anna Wintour in the exclusive Vogue Runway video. Among these shows my favorites such as Rodarte and Proenza Schouler have exemplified just these trends.

Rodarte_spring_summer_2016_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week5  Photo from the

Rodarte is always a show I am excited to see. This Spring RTW collection showed a 1970s romanticism with its extraordinary lace and sequins. The girly yet dark designs made it one of my absolute favorite shows.


ProenzaSchoellerSS16Photo from

Proenza Schouler featured a deconstructed look throughout their show. Bloggers and editors seem to be extremely taken with the Spring 2016 line. I especially loved the netted feathers and the skinny scarves that kept some of the pieces together. Altogether the looks especially featured a spanish inspiration.

delpozo-ss16-6-1542x1099Photo from

Delpozo for me was so fun to watch. The circular stage and carousel like music gave the atmosphere a certain fantasy feeling. The pieces were extravagant such as the showstopper gold skirt which was on most of the top bloggers and editors Snapchats. As I watched the full show it did almost make me dizzy though. The circles and music made me a little nauseous, but the over the top romanticism had my eyes glued to the computer screen.


givenchy                                       Photo from

Givenchy was definitely a showstopping event. The show featured the New York skyline in a rooftop setup. The show invited the public to attend with limited tickets for sale. Some tickets were specifically reserved for fashion students in New York such as FIT. The show is normally in Paris for Fashion Week, but the brand decided to draw attention to itself by showing in New York Fashion Week. The show was gorgeous with many influential designs. The layering of slip dress pieces and the modern cuts on the male suits were the main topic of discussion as far as the apparel goes. The show itself did have a few tumbles by the models though.


rs_1024x759-150916120120-1024-yeezy-nyfw.l.s91615Photo from

Another large topic of discussion of New York Fashion Week was Kanye West’s  decision to show last minute. He scheduled his show at a time that interfered with two other shows. This caused designer Anne Bowen to reschedule her show at a cost that was well worth it for her line to get the exposure it needed as mentioned on the Pop Fashion Podcast. Kanye West’s line was quite a show with a military theme that called rows of models into position. The one and only Kylie Jenner was also featured as one of the models in the show.


Gigi-Hadid-Walks-The-Runway-in-a-Bikini-at-The-Hilfiger-Spring-2016-Show                                Photo from

Last but not least an iconic moment took place at the Tommy Hilfiger show. The show was inspired by Jamaica and was staged as a beach in which the runway wrapped around. At the end of the show Gigi Hadid led the models through the man made beach for a surprise ending.





Brand Revamps: Forever21, J. Crew and the Goodwill High End Boutiques


Photo from

“Forever 21 Says It’s Not Just For Tweens” headlines the article by Racked. The buzz around Forever 21 lately is that they are moving towards a more sophisticated crowd. They are growing with the older millennials which has been featured in the Wall Street Journal two weeks ago.

Just like Kanye West would say, “She rock Forever 21, but just turned thirty.” The brand is known for its fast fashion and the age range being in a tween level. Lately, I find myself cringing when someone asks, “Where did you get that from?” This is because I know my answer is Forever 21. Like many girls I lust over pieces I see on Zara, NastyGal, TopShop and ASOS, but then I always end up at Forever 21’s website. The reason being I can find a similar item for a much cheaper price. It is somewhat embarrassing that I still shop at Forever 21, so I am extremely excited that the brand is working on a more sophisticated reputation.

The brand has been also working on quite a bit of product placement with celebrities. Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing Forever 21 culottes and Mila Kunis wearing a striped skirt states Racked. We’ll see if the transition is successful and if my cringing will come to an end.


Photo from

J. Crew has essentially been known for its classic pieces. Ever since Jenna Lyons had taken the position of Creative Director, the brand has been creating phenomenal trendy pieces. These trendy pieces have increased the prices of the brand. Although the pieces have been beautiful the J. Crew customers seem as though the classic and not as expensive pieces are what they are in need of.

J. Crew’s less expensive factory line has plans to expand. The line is known as J. Crew Mercantile and features the classic pieces as the regular price point that the customers are use to.  J. Crew Mercantile is expanding with stores starting in Texas so that there is more access to the line according to Who What Wear. The factory line is available online for those looking for that lower price point.


Photo from Los Angeles Times

Goodwill is definitely a gold mine for deals on vintage clothes. Sometimes you can find designer goods and sometimes more than likely not. The solution to this problem has been solved. Goodwill is opening high end boutiques with exclusive designer labels according to the Los Angeles Times. The boutiques have been popping up across the United States in already 60 locations.

The article quotes that the store has major finds such as Stuart Weitzman shoes for $13! Trust me I have tried on a $450 pair of Stuart Weitzmans on before and that price tag was like a stab in my heart. I can not wait to tour one of these boutiques for myself.

Offensive Fashion? Stroller Ads featuring Too Much Skin, Harness Accessories, and Birkin Bags No More?

ymre-stiekema-bugaboo-2-27jul15-pr_bn_426x639Bugaboo has recently published an ad featuring model Ymre Stekiema running with her daughter. The stroller ad has been extremely controversial online and people are not holding back there opinions on this ad. The models outfit has as much fabric as a swimsuit.

To most conservative individuals this would not be a favorable outfit choice. The mother depicted in the ad is clearly very proud and comfortable in her skin. On the other side of it, would you ever consider going for a run in your swimsuit? I believe that women should wear what makes them feel confident and strong, but this look may be a little too bold for the everyday mother to be sporting. This ad may make some mothers feel ashamed of how motherhood has transformed their bodies as well.

The luxury stroller brand is definitely trying to catch the public’s eye with this ad. There are good points to both sides of the argument, but the ad is definitely stirring up the online world.

In other news, harnesses have been definitely been spotted as a trend. These accessories are being layered on top of clothing in a mainstream way says the article. Mainstream has been a word fashionistas try to avoid , but when an exceptionally risque accessory comes into play mainstream may help keep this look chic and not tragic. To some this could be seen as too much or promiscus, but the pictures above prove that with some chic styling these can definitely work.


Jane Birkin, the famous 1970s actress, has recently told Hermès that she no longer wants the iconic Birkin bag named after her. The famous bag usually runs between five and six figures and is the ultimate status symbol for fashionistas. Jane Birkin is adamant about this because of recent information she learned about the brutality to crocodiles in a leather manufacturer for Hermès in Texas. Videos were released of the Texas slaughter house by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Hermès quickly replied with a statement that those manufacturers from Texas are not owned by the company.  Hermès claims that their company has officials that inspect their manufacturers for brutality such as this and the actions will be rectified accordingly. In other words someone is getting in trouble.

In recent news today, it has been made aware that PETA has bought a share from Hermès. This will allow them to sit in on board meetings and help to reach the organizations goal of abolishing the bags from even being made of crocodile skin.

Jane Birkin may have some issues if she really wants to go through with stripping her name away from the bag. Jane does not have her name trademarked for leather goods, but Hermès does, says Hannah Marriot in this guardian article. Designers have been known to name bags after certain celebrities especially in the late 1970s. Celebrities have to be conscious of trademarking their names in all areas to avoid conflict.


Fashion Tech: Selfie Stick, Virtual Dressing Rooms, and Virtual Shows


Fashion Technology is inevitable. As our technology evolves in the world so does the technology of every industry including fashion. Not only is the technology evolving but it is inspiring the clothes. Pictured above is an Emilio Pucci Dress that features a tourist holding a selfie stick. Pucci usually is known for its scenic prints, but it has truly captured the technology of our era in high fashion. This piece will seem outdated fast, but it will definitely have its vintage comeback in the future as well.


Most recently, the virtual dressing room has arrived. This mirror created by Samsung allows you to try on the clothes without even putting them on. The mirror was recently shown at a shopping showcase in Hong Kong. Consumers in attendance experienced an image of themselves in a necklace by Chow Sang Sang Jewelry. Samsung believes these mirrors will not only replace mirrors in retail stores but at home. This is such an amazing tool that I would love to use. Half the reason I enjoy online shopping more than going to the mall is the hassle of having to try everything on. Trying on clothes is extremely important, but it leaves me stressed out and unwilling to spend the time trying on a bigger or smaller size. Dressing rooms can be chaotic and have horrible light, where this mirror gives you a simplistic and quick experience. Hopefully these transparent mirrors make their way to stores in a timely fashion.

Virtual reality fashion shows have also become a popular trend for brands to experiment with lately. Most recently Dior has created a 3D backstage view of their fashion show that displays models putting on makeup, photographers and even shows the head designer Raf Simons working backstage. Viewers get to see a 360 degree view of  the backstage area. Dior has been the most recent brand to also take on these virtual headsets, which are available only in select stores though.  This chic video shows the making of the headsets.

Many brands have been utilizing this new virtual headset tool to show their actual fashion shows in stores. Topshop used the headsets for fashion week in 2014 for a live experience. The virtual show allowed consumers to be front row, backstage, on stage or above the stage. This also included being up close and personal with celebrities taking selfies. Here is Topshops promotional video from last year.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Fashion Tech news.

Who will be next Michael Kors? A Sass Prediction


Michael Kors has become the new Coach. Coach sadly had a vast fall in sales, blatantly because of the lack of status and quality that was being produced. Coach became owned by almost every individual and therefore lost its lack of appeal to consumers. Michael Kors has been experiencing the same downfall in the past six moths. The bags have become a universally owned product and consumers are not smitten over the brand.

FT Michael Kors Same Store Sales Forecast 2016 5-27-15


Recently Michael Kors has experienced a $4.9 million dollar lawsuit. Consumers have been complaining about the quality of merchandise in the Michael Kors outlet stores says the article. The tags on the products will state the retail price of an item at $120 and the actual price will be $79.99. Now this would be completely fine if the products in the outlet were of the same quality as the actual store product sold at $120. Michael Kors has been making replica products with cheaper quality materials so that they can market the product as marked down from its original price, but it was actually produced at a lower cost to begin with.

Outlet stores in general can be deceiving to consumers. It is best to shop the sale racks at the actual luxury brand stores than at an outlet store. There is talk about changing the tags, showing the “retail price” as the “value” instead says the Pop Fashion Podcast. This will give consumers a better idea of the actual quality they are receiving.

It is sad to see Michael Kors lose their lack of allure and sense of luxury. First it was the downfall of Coach and now MK. If I were to make a prediction I would say that MARC by Marc Jacobs would be the next popular luxury handbag for consumers. If you would like to jump on the bandwagon early, and if you believe my prediction makes sense, here are a few bags that I am lusting over. Of course maybe you already own one as well.

Click he picture to get the look:



Skinny Rules: Lilly Pulitzer, the Bellybutton Test, Lauren Conrad and Yves Saint Laurent


The fashion industry revolves around extraordinarily tall and unseeingly thin women. The thin body type in itself is a style that the population has adapted to, but with every era there is a new trend. The population has just begun to see the allurement of having a large derriere. This is something that is a positive step in a healthy direction for girls.

In this week’s fashion news there were four stories about shaming people into being skinny. The first was a behind the scenes look at the Pennsylvania headquarters of Lilly Pulitzer. The Cut shared a photo gallery of their offices and some vibrant mood boards. In one of the workers cubicles that was featured showed several cartoon drawings of fat shaming. The images read, “Just another day of…fat, white, and hideous…You should probably just kill yourself.” Another image said, “Put it down, carb face.” These images were in an employees individual cubicle, but it reflects extremely poorly on the brand. The brand caters up to size 14 in stores as well as plus size online and many displeased fans took to Twitter. This is definitely something that the company should have monitored or at least inspected before a behind the scenes photo opportunity came into the office. Lilly Pulitzer basically came out with a statement saying that it was the thoughts of one employee and does not reflect on how Lilly Pulitzer views body image. That person in my opinion should be on suspension or fired. Not because of the action alone necessarily, but because of all the repercussions it caused.

DSC00252 copy

The newest skinny testing craze is called the Bellybutton Test. In this test you wrap your right arm behind your back and try to grab for your belly button. If you can not reach your belly button you need to lose weight. This so called test originated in a random study and went viral in Asia and is now all over Instagram. This test is completely ridiculous because there are so many factors in this test like how long your arms are, how flexible you are and the plain fact that this test was made up. I took it upon myself to try out this test. I am very flexible naturally especially since I have double jointed elbows and shoulders. I figured this would work to my favor extremely, but it did not. It took a lot of effort and I also wasn’t sure if I was trying too hard. Should I be relaxed? Or reaching for my life type of thing? Either way this test is pointless, but it may be the thing backing up your Instagram feed soon.


This week Lauren Conrad’s lifestyle blog has gained a few new rules. The blog will no longer include the words “skinny”, “thin”, or “slim”. Instead the blog will be using words like “fit”, “toned”, and “healthy. This is part of their June Shape Up theme for the blog. These rules have definitely gained some attention for and are a positive step in the right direction for body image concerned young adults.


In the U.K., the advertising standards authority has taken a stance against the new Yves Saint Laurent ad. They have banned the ad from being shown within the U.K. The image displays a woman whose arms are nearly the same size as her very thin arms. You can also see her rib cage in the low cut of the shirt. The ASA in the U.K. claimed this ad to be irresponsible. I say good for them this isn’t a healthy look for anyone. As Lauren Conrad has proclaimed we should be more focused on being fit, healthy and toned.

Please leave your feedback below.