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I have come to terms with my extremely pale skin. Although I am Italian, I must be from the northern area because I become very ghost like in the winter. There are a few things that people with pale skin have to be aware of relating to sun exposure. First of all use the highest SPF you can find, I promise you, you will still get tan! This will help avoid skin damage. Second of all, always wear a hat, especially if you refuse to put sun tan lotion in your hair like me. I have found an age spot already like I mentioned in one of my previous posts and it is not something I would call a beauty mark. Thirdly,  cover ups are friend not foe.

Cover ups do not have to be that white towel material in some ugly robe form. They can be light and breezy, with an intricate design. They are a definite style staple at the beach. They are essential especially when you have to go to a restaurant or a store after a long day in the sand. No one really wants to see you in your booty shorts and bathing suit top, when they are more concerned with how well they are going to be tipped. That being said, below I have selected a few cover ups that are perfect for your future summer escapades. And to all my pale friends out there, please consider it!


DSC00501 copyDSC00502 copyDSC00491 copyDSC00514 copyDSC00509 copyDSC00533 copyDSC00549 copy

Click the pictures below to get the look:


image1xxl (9)image1xxl (10)image1xxl (11)image1xxl (12)image1xxl (13)image1xxl (14)

3 thoughts on “Beach Part 1: Cover Ups

  1. I love your coverup! I purchased two recently and they are so fun to wear! You look great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amanda Sutherland says:

      Thank you!


    2. Amanda Sutherland says:

      Thanks Molly!


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