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The fall is not quite in full effect, but it seems like every other week in Michigan is a different season lately. So I am over here like I want to wear dresses and not be freezing. Wearing a dress is classically feminine and wearing pants is classically functional.

On this colder than usual day I have paired my favorite sweater dress with my favorite pair of crop jeans. To keep the look casual I slipped on my favorite pair of ankle boots from ASOS. In this case rolling up the pant leg to show off the boot is essential. Leaving a space between the boot and your pant is what keeps the look from being seen as unpolished or outdated.

The best part about the pants and dress combo is that anyone can pull it off. You also never have to worry about your dress riding up while out and about. Get the look below!

DSC01140 copyDSC01156 copyDSC01148 copyDSC01158 copy

Click the pictures to get the look:

35780600_023_bimage1xxl (6)hmprod (5)



3 thoughts on “How to Style: Dress over Pants

  1. Really loving this look!! Always a fan of dresses over jeans.


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  2. omg love your shoes ,dear !!! look so good ❤ kisses


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