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New York Fashion Week was an extraordinarily chaotic week. With all of the shows, parties and presentations, there were over 1,200 events in New York over the week as stated by the American Fashion Podcast. The shows featured a lot of romanticism and Spanish inspiration as described by Anna Wintour in the exclusive Vogue Runway video. Among these shows my favorites such as Rodarte and Proenza Schouler have exemplified just these trends.

Rodarte_spring_summer_2016_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week5  Photo from the

Rodarte is always a show I am excited to see. This Spring RTW collection showed a 1970s romanticism with its extraordinary lace and sequins. The girly yet dark designs made it one of my absolute favorite shows.


ProenzaSchoellerSS16Photo from

Proenza Schouler featured a deconstructed look throughout their show. Bloggers and editors seem to be extremely taken with the Spring 2016 line. I especially loved the netted feathers and the skinny scarves that kept some of the pieces together. Altogether the looks especially featured a spanish inspiration.

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Delpozo for me was so fun to watch. The circular stage and carousel like music gave the atmosphere a certain fantasy feeling. The pieces were extravagant such as the showstopper gold skirt which was on most of the top bloggers and editors Snapchats. As I watched the full show it did almost make me dizzy though. The circles and music made me a little nauseous, but the over the top romanticism had my eyes glued to the computer screen.


givenchy                                       Photo from

Givenchy was definitely a showstopping event. The show featured the New York skyline in a rooftop setup. The show invited the public to attend with limited tickets for sale. Some tickets were specifically reserved for fashion students in New York such as FIT. The show is normally in Paris for Fashion Week, but the brand decided to draw attention to itself by showing in New York Fashion Week. The show was gorgeous with many influential designs. The layering of slip dress pieces and the modern cuts on the male suits were the main topic of discussion as far as the apparel goes. The show itself did have a few tumbles by the models though.


rs_1024x759-150916120120-1024-yeezy-nyfw.l.s91615Photo from

Another large topic of discussion of New York Fashion Week was Kanye West’s  decision to show last minute. He scheduled his show at a time that interfered with two other shows. This caused designer Anne Bowen to reschedule her show at a cost that was well worth it for her line to get the exposure it needed as mentioned on the Pop Fashion Podcast. Kanye West’s line was quite a show with a military theme that called rows of models into position. The one and only Kylie Jenner was also featured as one of the models in the show.


Gigi-Hadid-Walks-The-Runway-in-a-Bikini-at-The-Hilfiger-Spring-2016-Show                                Photo from

Last but not least an iconic moment took place at the Tommy Hilfiger show. The show was inspired by Jamaica and was staged as a beach in which the runway wrapped around. At the end of the show Gigi Hadid led the models through the man made beach for a surprise ending.





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