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The VIM Fall 2015 Magazine Launch Event was beautiful. The Eli Broad and Edythe Museum makes for a fantastic venue. The modernistic architecture and art galleries gave the event the perfect ambiance. The event started with a glamorous photo-opp step and repeat. Once we walked past the photographers there were various raffles to enter. They varied from Tiffany & Co. bracelets to Aveda gift cards.

We all gathered around the runway to watch the featured designs of the night. They were created by students in the Fashion Design program at Michigan State University. One of the designers was chosen as the winner by vote via Facebook.

After the fashion show we were invited to tour the museum. The exhibits featured a lot of video art on large canvases on the second floor. The first floor featured an enormous hand sewn tarp with red soldiers facing away from it.

All in all the event was a success, the magazine was flawless and our teams could not be more proud.

My outfit choice for the Gala was a wide leg jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and tie. I paired it with some classic black heels and my black studded evening clutch. Get the look below.

DSC01641 copyDSC01613 copyDSC01646 copyDSC01650 copyDSC01652 copyDSC01647 copyDSC01624

Get the look by clicking the pictures:



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