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Have you ever noticed how certain necklines for your basic t-shirts change. You have a million v-necks from the past couple years, but for some reason they feel dated. But how can they be dated? They are a classic staple. It just seems like you are wearing those v-necks to bed now and trying to avoid wearing them in public at all costs. This is where you realize you need a whole new wardrobe in basic tees.

Lately the crew neck tee has been a fan favorite. I have collected so many new basic tees in this style that my drawer for, “basic tees I wear with everything” is overflowing. Now there is more to be said about the basic tee. There is the quality and the price. Personally the most luck I’ve had with v-necks was Victoria’s Secret. They have quality material and they do not shrink much. That being said they will not fill your need for a crew neck tee. I have attempted to buy basics from H&M and Forever21, but those stores tend to shrink the most and wrinkle the most.

The best places to shop for tees at a great price are Zara and ASOS. Particularly ASOS, the material is thick and feels fantastic compared to the see-through tees you are use to. Zara also has great basics because when you buy them they are relatively large in size and then shrink to fit. This is unlike Forever21 and H&M who shrink to the size of an 8-year-old in my experience.

Scroll down for my picks for your basic tee wardrobe,

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IMG_1567 copy

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Click the pictures to get the look:

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2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Like Your V-Necks Anymore?

  1. yes love it. great post!

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  2. Meagan says:

    Nice post 🙂

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