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1.  Wine is different in every town.

I guarantee their will be a wine bar in the larger cities in your state that you haven’t seen yet. Wine exists to be tasted, so do wine a favor and go find it.

2. Coffee is different in every town.

Coffee shops are amazing to find because they all have a different aesthetic and signature drink. This time I had a Maple Cappuccino at Brew City and my sugar-craving self was thrilled.

3. You’re not really too busy.

I don’t have time is the adult version of my dog ate my homework. So get up, get out and make some time to go explore.

4. Feeling like a lost puppy can be thrilling.

Wandering around an unknown place can be like a game you want to keep playing. Bouncing from waterfronts to hat stores to boutiques can have you excited to run into your next destination.

5. You might find something, you thought you wouldn’t find.

You can run into a familiar face, favorite items or just discover your favorite place to visit in general. I found this amazing boutique called Lola’s and realized they carried Pink Haley Handbags from my previous post. I ran inside and attempted to grab the bag from the window to see if I was right. Totally did not look at the sign that said do not touch. Face palm. (Last day for the Pink Haley Handbag giveaway is today by the way.)

6. Always an Instagramable moment available.

Whenever you travel somewhere there is always a photo opp waiting to happen. Take advantage of it for your Instagram game and have fun with it.

Scroll down to the bottom to get the look.

Photos by: Dustin Abrego


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Click the pictures to get the look:





9 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Take a Stay-cation Near You

  1. Such great ideas!! Need to try this!!

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  2. These are such locely photos

    Beauty Candy Loves


  3. lovejennyxo says:

    I love this- I was actually just telling my boyfriend the other day how I would love a staycation just so I can go on cool little day trips but now I have 6 more reasons to add to my list 🙂

    xo, JJ

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  4. Kayla says:

    Nice post 🙂

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  5. adele miner says:

    I definitely need to do this.. thank you for sharing! x

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  6. Nice post !!! 🙂 kiss

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