Holiday Gift Guide of Items They’ll Actually Use

The thing about holiday shopping is that everyone is looking for something easy. So you may have stashes and stashes of lotion in your closet from random gift givers who got them at a bargain price. No shame, but if you want to buy them something that they’ll actually use and enjoy, this is it. Here is a list of people in your life that you may or may not get gifts for and what you should be actually getting them.


For your Mom:
A massage gift certificate, because she needs it.
A nail salon gift certificate, she also needs this too.

For your Dad:
New sports equipment: tennis balls, golf gloves or basketball net – because sports.
Special tea or coffee equipment because tea and coffee addictions are no joke.


For your best friend (attached at birth) or sister:
A fun new handbag.
A new coffee traveler mug because I always lose those things.
Fun new underwear because everyone needs a panty wardrobe refresh.


For your boyfriend or brother:
His new favorite video game because he may love it more than you.
A whisky set because it makes him feel classy.
An expensive bottle of liquor because this will also add to his classy sense of self.


7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide of Items They’ll Actually Use”

  1. The massage one is really good. My sister works at a spa so I tend to go with massage giftcards (for my best friend and boyfriend), usually a couples one so that I can get one at the same time too πŸ˜‰

    xo, JJ

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