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The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is in Paris, France this year. Such a great selection for the multi-billion dollar company. From the stereotypical Audrey Hepburn lines of, “Paris is always a good idea,” to the sight of all of the Victoria’s Secret Angels posing in front of the Eiffel Tower on Snapchat, Instagram and the web, this could not be a more perfect match.

There is something peculiar about this selection though. As I was listening to my favorite podcast about the recent Paris heists, Pop Fashion, I began to think about how the Victoria’s Secret Show may be actually helping Paris out by holding the show there. With the recent ISIS bombings and high-profile thefts from stars like Kim Kardashian, Bollywood actress Malika Sherawat and recently $5.3 million in jewelry from two Qatari sisters last week, it looks like Paris is in need of some tourism help.

In the New York Times, the chief marketing officer of creative services and executive producer of the show, Edward Razek, said that the show was an investment of over $20 million. This could be deceiving though because usually the company does not disclose how much that they spend on the event. I feel as thought there is definitely a lot of discounted prices or help financially from the Paris Tourist Office because of the recent crime in the city.

This is my theory of the situation. Let me know what you think in the comments. Also don’t forget to tune into the shown this Monday, December 5th at 10 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Should be the best one yet.

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3 thoughts on “Is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris Because of Crime?

  1. zanisstyles says:

    Getting myself ready for one of my favorite nights on TV. I know the year is almost over when the VS Show airs on the TV it just makes Decembers sweeter.

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  2. deceivingheartsco says:

    Ahhh interesting. Love reading this

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