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For the longest time, I hated orange. I thought it was a disgusting color that should never be worn. Something has changed for me though. All of these 1970’s inspirations that have come back in the past couple years in full force have influenced me otherwise. Bring in the disco balls, the palm print and the resurrection of the burnt orange.

I find myself attracted to a burnt orange color because of it 1970’s inspiration. This is why I naturally gravitated towards it at last weekend’s Fame Show in NYC. I partnered with the brand INA and worked with the show’s photographer to create content for the show. I was obsessed with this brand because of all of it’s unique pieces. I have a big weakness for ruffles right now too, so I was excited to share a bold piece with you guys.

The show itself was so much fun. We got to network with a bunch of different brands and hang out with some amazing blogger babes from around NYC. It was so much fun working with Fame Show and INA. Check out some of my favorite orange pieces below!

Photos by: Jenna Bascom 

6 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Hate Orange

  1. beezhiveblog says:

    You look smoking hot!! Orange is a good color on you, can’t believe you’ve been shying away from it!

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    1. Haha thank you dear!


  2. wedreamaloud says:

    I love the sleeves! 😀

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  3. I love seventies style and especially burnt orange. You totally killed this look girly!!!!


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