Why I Love Kimono Dresses

Not sure if anyone else recalls this, but about 10 years ago kimono dresses were an “it” item. I had one back in high school and still wear it to this day because it is so flattering. What makes them so flattering is the accentuated waist line. It draws attention to your waist which will make you look slimmer. Dresses can end up looking like a comfortable sleeping bag, but with a cinched waist a dress can really make you stand out. Your natural waistline will thank you later.

There is also the amazing necklines of Kimono dresses. They lay very elegantly on your chest. It doesn’t show too much off while still showing off your figure. When I saw this piece at Wolf and Whistle, I knew it was the one because this silhouette is my favorite as is the color.

I paired it with fishnets from the shop Time for Tights. There tights are so adorable and it gives this dress an added edge. Fishnets are really having a moment right now, so don’t be afraid to try them.


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Kimono Dress / Fishnets / Asos Boots (similar) / Topshop Purse (Similar) / Kendra Scott Earrings (Similar)


Photos: Marcello Rossi


High-Neck Chic


Photos by: Dustin Abrego

As I have said in my previous articles. It is all about the high-necks for me right now. Clothes are becoming looser and as you have seen the skinny jeans are fading away. Initially when I saw this dress online I was in love. Then I got it home. I slipped it on excitedly and then felt a little weird. Realizing I hadn’t actually pieced my outfit together I threw on my heel-pointed booties and it felt a hundred times better staring into that mirror. The dress is not super body-hugging so naturally it made me more uncomfortable than usual. Whenever you have an apple or pear shaped body the looser fitting clothing can make you feel bigger than you actually are. This is where a small heel will help. It elongates your leg to make your legs look slimmer and your stride more confident. This dress may be a big step for some people, but for others all it takes is a few accessories and everyone will be gawking over your outfit.




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A Dress with Sneakers, Chic?

DSC02815 copy

Photos by: Lauren Veldman

I finally understand the trend of dresses with sneakers. When I first started seeing this trend two years ago, I was hesitant. But of course once you see or hear something again and again it becomes your all time favorite. This combination is counter-intuitive to the Carrie Bradshaws in our lives, but speaks to the girl trying to hustle.

The second I moved to New York this summer, I realized that my once comfortable Midwest sandals would not be cutting it. Walking around the city at about six miles a day is something you need to be prepared for. After five days of trying to wear every shoe in my closet, I decided to invest in the ultimate walking shoe. My biggest debate was between buying Adidas or Nike. My instinct went for the brand of the moment, so clearly I sought after the Adidas shoes.

This led to my big revelation that this trend started in New York for comfort purposes for a girl who hustles. After a while it became chic to the untrained eye, which really just worked out to a fashion-girls benefit.

A dress with sneakers, chic? You better believe it. Scroll to the bottom for my picks.

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