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Photos by: Lauren Veldman

I finally understand the trend of dresses with sneakers. When I first started seeing this trend two years ago, I was hesitant. But of course once you see or hear something again and again it becomes your all time favorite. This combination is counter-intuitive to the Carrie Bradshaws in our lives, but speaks to the girl trying to hustle.

The second I moved to New York this summer, I realized that my once comfortable Midwest sandals would not be cutting it. Walking around the city at about six miles a day is something you need to be prepared for. After five days of trying to wear every shoe in my closet, I decided to invest in the ultimate walking shoe. My biggest debate was between buying Adidas or Nike. My instinct went for the brand of the moment, so clearly I sought after the Adidas shoes.

This led to my big revelation that this trend started in New York for comfort purposes for a girl who hustles. After a while it became chic to the untrained eye, which really just worked out to a fashion-girls benefit.

A dress with sneakers, chic? You better believe it. Scroll to the bottom for my picks.

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DSC02803 1 copy

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Click the pictures to get the look:

image1xxl (15)C77153_01_standardimage1xxl (14)

image1xxl (16)image1xxl (17)image1xxl (18)


2 thoughts on “A Dress with Sneakers, Chic?

  1. Nailah says:

    Yes, I LOVE sneakers with dresses. Especially in New York with all of the walking and hustling ;). Lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

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